“A sponsor is a volunteer who is currently practicing the 12-step program of recovery espoused by Alcoholics Anonymous (or an other 12-step mutual help group such as Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous) and who helps the newer AA member by providing support, encouragement, and guidance to promote sustained long-term recovery” – Research Recovery Institute

Sponsor Finder will be open to all those seeking sobriety – not just those in AA.  You will be able to select a volunteer among those selected for you based on your profile and together,  you and your sponsor can create goals and objectives, discuss coping strategies, and other life skills to help you live life on life’s terms – sober.

Sponsor Finder will have resources for you to help you determine what you may want to look for in a sponsor, suggestions for your first few meetings, workbook links, self-help tools and resources, and even ways to “break-up” with your sponsor and move on to a new one (because in sobriety, we all grow and – as we grow – our needs change).


Sponsorship tree




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